A Farewell message from Tre Paul

Its true Guy’s. I have had ongoing health problem’s with My spine and as You will all know,Its not a good condition for a drummer. I have had such a great time with the mighty Haze during My time on the drum stool. I’ve pushed Myself to the limit and beyond to serve the band as best I can.

Unfortunately My back has deteriorated over the last few month’s and I’ve found it harder and harder to keep up with the Haze’s heavy demand’s that is required to be that drummer so,With dignity and pride I hand over the stick’s to a Man that I can only describe as a f***ing machine. His drumming is beyond anything I have ever seen and I hope You will ALL still support the mighty Green Haze in their quest to be the best tribute act in the whole country and beyond.

Yes I will be seen from time to time behind the stool as and when required. I’m proud to have been part of this awesome band and,have made some life long Friend’s along the way. So I hand the stick’s over to Dos who I’m sure will make the Haze sound even better (if that’s possible) and more powerful.

Thank You Steve,steven,zack and James for all You’re help and support (a lot of it being emotional as I realized I had to give up My position) during this amazing journey. I love You all and hope You go on to be the best band You all aspire to be….. Peace and love to all. (Weep,weep). XXXX.

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