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Looking for a band that will get people into your venue and increase your bar takings like no other?

 Green Day are currently one of the world’s biggest and most popular bands and having our live tribute show at your venue will allow you to capitlise on this.

We always draw good crowds at our gigs and can do the same for your venue too!

 As an example, one of the recent venues we played saw an extra 200% increase above their normal Friday night takings when we played.

Greens Haze captures the raw power and dynamics of Green Day’s music and brings it to life on stage, performing the songs with the same energy and passion that only true fans of the original band can. This is what makes Green Haze one of the best Green Day tribute bands around. We always have good audience interaction, that’s one of our specialities to ensure that any audience we play for has the most entertaining and fun night out possible.

Green Haze are very dynamic when it comes to creating their shows and setlists and can create a custom show for pretty much any occasion, whether it be a fully blown rock event or a private party, or a smaller public venue such as a pub or a club – Green Haze can produce a stunning show to suit all occasions.

Green Haze are a fully self-contained band, with all necessary equipment including PA system, lighting and insurance.

Please have a look at our live recordings, gig videos and photos for more details on what we both look and sound like. You can also see a full repertoire of songs we play in our songlist.

To contact Green Haze about a booking or for more information about what we can do for your venue, please contact:

Richard Colton
Tel: 07813 581 117


Thank you.

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