Poster Templates

Please find below an official Green Haze poster template to use for promoting one of our shows at your venue/event, with space at the bottom to add your own event details.

To open or save: Please click either the thumbnail image (or the ‘Full Size Version’ link under it) and it will open full-size in a new window where you can then save the image to your computer (Right-click the mouse and select ‘Save Image As’ etc).

You can also see an already filled-in example of each poster by clicking the ‘Completed Example’ link below each one:

2023 Double Header Show with The Offspin:

Technical Info: All posters should be A3 sized at 1:1 ratio so will print A3 without needing to be ‘blown up’. They should also scale up to larger poster sizes – but please do get your print provider to advise on this. All posters are in RGB colour format and in high quality PNG files.
If you require the original PhotoShop PSD file for editing your poster for your event, this is available upon request using the contact details below.
Alternatively, if you would like to create your own poster or promotional media for your event, you can find the individual images Here and logo variations Here.
If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact Richard on:

Tel: 07813 581 117

Thank you.

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