Who are we?

Kibb - Rhythm guitar & vocals

Lead Vocals & Guitar
Steve ‘Kibb’ Kibble

As the bands frontman and vocalist, Kibb brings the high energy & distinctive vocals of Billie Joe Armstrong to life on stage.

Fave Song: Platypus (I hate you)

Fave Album: Insomniac

Matt - Bass guitar

Bass Guitar
Matt Colton

Not only does Matt pull off the Mike Dirnt moves with ease, but his bass playing provides a super-tight bassline that makes Green Day songs so powerful.

Fave Song: Letterbomb

Fave Album: American Idiot

Richard ‘Tre Col’ Colton

Providing the backbone of Green Day’s songs, Tre’s super-tight and energetic drumming blends perfectly with the bass to recreate the familiar sound that we all know and love.

Fave Song: Jesus Of Suburbia

Fave Album: American Idiot

Zackk - Lead guitar

Lead guitar
Zack Evans

The master of all of Green Day’s riffs and guitar solos, Zackk delivers electric lead guitar riffs in true Jason White style.

Fave Song: Waiting

Fave Album: Warning

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